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Along the road of this training we have seen some members of our team lose weight, get fitter, develop a passion for running and become great friends.

My story involves the heart. Mine. I am a Thyr’vor, which is a Thyroid Cancer Survivor. I take thyroid replacement hormones and have for the past 18 years. While I am thankful for the drug as it regulates many functions of my body that my Thyroid did, it also keeps my resting heart rate high and my heart rate while running high. Running becomes a challenge of not just my legs and breathing but my heart rate as well.

Since we have been interval training Tuesdays and Saturdays, this has become the type of training that has really been the best type of training for my heart. It allows my heart rate to come down a bit during breaks, and gradually increasing the times and lengths of runs helps immensely with my training. We have been training for only 6 weeks and my resting heart rate has consistently come down about 10 beats per minute, which is huge!!!

In the past, trying to run on my own, I did not train in this way, so being on Team Myles has really been a huge benefit for me. Thanks to Devin and Cindy who give of their time to properly train us!!

Not only am I blessed to be a cancer survivor, but I am able to push myself to my goal of running a 10k with the support of our trainers, team members and sponsors.



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