Change for a 20-something.


Just like that, we’re over half way through training. When I started this process, I never really understood the caliber of change that I would see in myself. I remember walking into the Team Myles 2016 launch event hosted by Delta Hotels,  all jittery and nervous, and one of the first things that the mentors told me was:

“This will change your life.”

Well, this week I think I’ve realized that they were not lying! Previous to starting on Team Myles I would look forward to heading home after work to eat dinner, catch up on my shows, and go to bed. Now, I look forward to what ever workout I have planned – sometimes a bootcamp at 360fit, other times a run on my own or with a team mate, and sometimes a yoga class at Therapeutic Approach. On days where I cannot do one of these things, possibly a rest day or another commitment, by the time 8pm rolls around I’m dancing around my kitchen trying to release the extra energy I have.

I’ve always made excuses as to why I was out of shape. We all do it. The reality is that all I needed was to start changing. 

Changes I’ve noticed since starting this process:

  • My clothes fit differently. I seriously need to go shopping. Thank god for my team mates – we’ve initiated a “pants exchange” because we’ve all needed to replace our pants for smaller sizes! Perks of being on a tight-knit team ;)
  • My social calendar is different. I have turned down my regular wing night plans in order to get out for a run. I’ve made friends who see me more often all sweaty with messy hair and they still like me.
  • I’ve gone out in public without makeup. For those who know me – this is a biggie.
  • My groceries are different. It is funny how when you are active, you really don’t feel like eating junk. I’ve been drawn to healthier options, and have tried new things (lentils?) as well. I have also tapped into some of my old recipes from when I was a vegetarian years ago.
  • I sleep better. Probably because I’m pretty darn tired by the end of the day, but also because my mind and body are healthier.
  • Conversations have changed. My friends are checking in with me to see how training is going, and tell me about the progress that they have made. I have a group chat going with some friends doing a 30 day ab challenge. Although I do feel like Team Myles is all I have to talk about as of late – it seems people want to hear about it!
  • I stopped saying “no”. There is a lot of power in the word “yes”. If you say it, exciting things happen.
  • I look different. People have started to tell me that they notice a change. (see pic below)
  • I’m happy. 
Week 2March 15

Featuring our assistant coach Cindy :)






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