Am I a Gazelle or a Cheetah?



There has been some talk amongst Team Members about “Gazelles”, either expressing the desire to be one or calling another runner a “Gazelle”. But Cheetahs are faster, stronger and can take down a Gazelle in a few seconds if it gets away from the pack.

I look at the difference between Gazelles and Cheetahs as a metaphor for running. Given the 2 choices, I would definitely pick a Cheetah. However, I am learning that as a new runner, I am benefiting from being a Gazelle. Gazelles, are stronger in packs. In our case, we are stronger as a team. We get stronger as runners when we are supporting one another, staying in groups and coming together frequently for training.

Yesterday was Saturday and I got away from my smaller group during our run and for a few minutes I felt like a Cheetah. But, then I became weaker on my own, feeling like I really needed a break. In my defence we had been running for about 15 minutes and I didn’t know Devin had decided to push us and keep us running until we got back to the meet spot. I walked for a few seconds until they caught up to me so I could regain some strength from them, feel like a team again and refocus.

As new runners, a Gazelle approach is definitely the best for us. As Team Myles, we are drawing on each other’s strengths, supporting each other’s weaknesses and in turn becoming stronger runners.


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