Tough But Doable

Hill Night # 2

For hill night # 2, we ran 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds and repeated for 14 minutes (up and down the hill). It was a brisk evening, and we all hopped around shivering while we waited to start, but I hear that the weather for our runs is nothing compared to the weather that was seen during last year’s Team Myles runs, so I’m not complaining! Overall, it was tough, but doable. When we came to the finish of the 14 minutes, I was tired but felt great!

Park Run # 3
For Park Run # 3 we were back at Point Pleasant Park. The run was 4 minutes of running followed by one minute of walking, repeated for 35 minutes. I brought a guest, my husband Justin, to be my running buddy for the morning. After the struggles I had with the Shubie Park run, I was worried about increasing our time again, but I surprised myself. Even though we were running into the wind, which made it tough to catch your breath and sometimes felt like you were running through quicksand, even though I mixed up the time and ended up running a minute longer out than I was supposed to, even though I had some issues with leg cramps and my foot fell asleep the last 10 minutes, I struggled a lot less with this run. I would even dare to say that I felt great! Because of the extra time I ran out I had to make up some time on the way back so my last run was 7 minutes instead of 4. Woo hoo!!
Time is going by so quickly, and I am amazed to see how quickly my abilities are improving. It feels great!!

Here are a couple pictures before and after the run, courtesy of our special guest, , a past Team Myles Mentor and Ambassador.



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