Putting my best foot forward

sneakersAs a TeamMyles member we have been offered a complimentary foot assessment by Paul Makinen with LifeMark Health. Well, when I entered this Renovate Me project I had never imagined I would be letting anyone look at my feet.  My feet, just like some of the power tools I had used in my house, are not there for beautification purposes;  they are the tool that is going to get me from point A to point B…. albeit normally in high heeled shoes….  I am embarrassed by my feet; don’t get me wrong – they both have five toes and look “normal” but to me, my feet are ugly especially when you consider I really only have 4 toes nails because my baby toe is too small to have a toe nail but that toe is rarely seen even in sandals.  Regardless, having someone look at my almost normal feet sent me into a bit of a panic and I toyed with the idea of skipping this very generous offer.

However this journey is all about getting out of my comfort zones so I mentally forced myself to make the call and book the appointment.

Once I met with Paul and he looked at my feet and my gait, I realized that these tools at the end of my legs required the same sort of maintenance that the power tools would get so as to ensure they work properly. It turns out that my years of high heels has widened my feet with bunions (Grosssssss!) I also tend to lean my feet inwards.  Not only had I never noticed that with my feet, but Paul quickly pointed out that my sneakers leaned inwards due to lack of support.  Paul was practically able to pull the sneaker apart as the displaced weight had totally ruined the integrity of the sneaker. He recommended two different models of Brooks wide sneakers with added stability.

The visit with Paul was shorter than most of my trips to Home Depot but was so much more productive! My only regret was that I had not gone to see Paul much earlier in the running process, but like everything – better late than never.  Now off I go to the Running Room to purchase my new Brooks sneakers.

Putting my best foot forward Part 2

I got quite excited at the prospect of new sneakers that would provide all of the benefits my feet required. I was even more excited when I was shown the bright high quality sneakers.  Though my size wasn’t available, The Running Room called the other locations to see about getting a pair brought to the Spring Garden Road location for me.

Within a couple of days, I had a perfect new pair of Brooks’ Ravennas. Not only did they feel very comfortable on my feet I noticed a huge difference the first time wearing them; my knees didn’t feel the normal pressure nor did my legs feel as stiff.

I am so happy that I followed everyone’s advice and went to see Paul otherwise I would have continued wearing my old sneakers and would have no doubt suffered some injuries that would have prevented me from continuing with this journey.

Thank you Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon for providing me with the opportunity to gain valuable services; thank you Paul Makinen for all of your input regarding my feet (and for not laughing at them) and thank you to the Running Room for my pretty and functional sneakers.

Now I can really put my best foot forward.

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