If the hill had eyes..

If the hill had eyes, it would see a bunch of shivery, nervous Team Myles members who have only heard about the craziness that is Tuesday hills night. It would see us all bundled up in our gear, supported by our mentors and our fabulous assistant coach Cindy (look her up on social media: Finding Fierce …shes amazing), stretching it out and getting pumped up to try this out. It would see us reaching our hands together and chanting TEAM MYLES HELLS YEAH before heading up for our first trip ever. Then…it would see magic happen. It would see us KILL IT.


The first hills night was brutal, in the best way possible. We were told to sprint up Citadel hill (citaHELL hill..) for 30 seconds as best as we could, walk down, and do it all over again 12 times. Sounds like torture? It kind of is. Honestly though, how awesome is it going to be on event day when we pass everyone who has to slow down on the hills of Halifax?

Hills night is actually fantastic because it allows you to set goals. The first run I made it about 2 steps away from the notorious 20km/hr speed sign that’s a little over halfway up the hill. I heard my team mates around me exclaiming that they just wanted to make it to that sign, so it became my goal too. On run #4 I passed it by 3 steps. Run #6 I got there too. As the walks down the hill got harder and more winded, I thought about how it is going to feel on the last hill day to compare to the first.

So, here’s my challenge: Try it once. Pick a hill, any (steep) hill. It feels SO empowering to look down from the top. Pinky promise.

and, if all else fails:





The incredible Cindy MacNeill (#FindingFierce)


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One Response to “If the hill had eyes..”

  1. Paige Hoveling
    PaigeMarch 18, 2016 at 7:21 pm #

    #HellHills can be SO intimidating but you completely rocked it, girl! Keep setting those goals and aiming for those signs – you’ll be running past them in no time!

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