Getting stronger!

I am beyond shocked about my progress this week. Although I missed the Team Myles Saturday morning run because I was in NB for Easter weekend, I still went out on a run on Sunday morning. This week, the group did 35 minutes of 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking.  I haven’t built up to that yet, BUT I successfully ran 2 minutes and walked 1 minute for 36 minutes!!!! I was SHOCKED!!!! Two weeks ago, I wasn’t able to run 30 seconds at a time and only ran 4-5 minutes out of the 25 we were out. Then all of the sudden I was able to run 24 minutes out of 36! What? That’s crazy!! In fact, I probably could have done 2.5 or 3 minutes of running. The only problem I am running into (pun intended) is that my calves start cramping up in the middle of the run. My right knee has also been twinging a bit this week, but ice has been helping. Even with the cramping and knee pain, I can’t wait for the next run to see how much longer I can run at one time.

As hellish as they are, I totally credit Hill Nights on Citadel Hill for my progress. I still huff and puff all the way through it, but I still keep going. Last night, I only had to walk an extra 10 seconds to catch my breath.  I also noticed that I am nowhere near as sore as I was after the first week. The whole Team Myles group rocks the hill every Tuesday and cheers everyone on as we run by each other. It is incredibly motivating to be with such an encouraging group. In fact, I’m planning on running the hill again this week to keep building strength.

This week we got some awesome treats from #RechargeWithMilk. Thank you so much for the hoodie, hat, chap stick, and race bib belt. I especially love the encouragement on the back of the hoodie… “Higher Longer Harder Recover Repeat Faster Farther Stronger’. Those 8 words perfectly sum up what Team Myles is all about!

Words to live by

Words to live by

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  1. Joseph Williams
    Joseph WilliamsApril 1, 2016 at 7:53 pm #

    This is awesome Carlee!

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