Getting Started

I found out about Team Myles while volunteering with Junior Achievement’s Company Program where I was lucky enough to be paired up as volunteer Company Program Advisor with Paige Hoveling (Team Myles 2014 Ambassador and Team Myles 2015 Mentor). I met Paige during her first year with Team Myles, when she was an Ambassador. I remember her telling me about the program and thinking to myself just how amazing of an opportunity it was. I went home that night and looked up Team Myles on the Blue Nose Marathon website that night and was so inspired I read every blog post! I couldn’t even imagine that I myself would get the opportunity to be a part of Team Myles, but here I am! Truthfully, I can still hardly believe it yet, but I am so thankful for the opportunity. (And thankful to Paige for having told me about it!)


Team Myles Launch

It all started on a dark and stormy night. We made our way through the rain to the Delta Barrington, where we would be meeting up with our future Team Myles team (Ambassadors, Coach, Mentors, and Sponsors). There was a lot of nervous energy and excitement in the room. Between hearing from our awesome sponsors and meeting everyone, the night flew by. We left full of information and anticipation for what’s to come.

Gait Analysis & New Sneakers

A few days after the launch, I had an appointment with Paul Mäkinen at #Lifemark. If you haven’t had a gait analysis before, I highly recommend it. It was a fairly quick process and was very informative. I learned that my feet are a bit too flexible and I have a bit of pronation so will benefit from wearing shoes with built in stability (rather than the neutral ones I have been wearing). I’ve been getting some mild shin splints and Paul explained how stability shoes will help prevent any further shin splints due to my particular issues. I also learned that I might not be quite as clumsy as I’ve always thought I was; It turns out that the reason why I fairly frequently roll my ankle is because my feet are wide so if I am not wearing shoes that are wide enough, my foot overlaps the side a bit and gravity does the rest. It made so much sense after he explained it to me. I really should have had this done years ago. Thanks Paul!

And there’s more! We also get a discount on a pair of Brooks sneakers from the #RunningRoom. Because of my wide feet, Bruce at the Running Room has placed a special order for me. I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can experience the difference in wearing sneakers that are right for me.


So now I’m ready to start running! Go Team Myles 2016!

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