First Week of Running

Run #1 – Point Pleasant Park

Our first Team Myles run together was at 8:00 am on Saturday, March 12th. We all showed up excited and nervous for what was to come, which turned out to be 2 minutes of running followed by 1 minute of walking, repeated for 24 minutes (12 out and 12 back). Sounds pretty easy, right? I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t been feeling well that week. Truthfully, I was mostly just stuck in my head, which can be a problem for me. I started out strong, keeping up with everyone, but then before long I found myself focusing on my discomfort and slowing down. I had myself convinced that either I was hurting myself by running before I was completely well or that if that wasn’t the problem, that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the program. I will spare you the details, but I made it through – just barely. I ended feeling a bit disappointed in myself and unsure of how I was going to get through this. (In retrospect, I know this isn’t how I should have been feeling, but I’m working on that.) Thankfully, my self-pity was short-lived. After some stretching, we received some awesome Blue Nose Marathon Swag and Chocolate Milk from our sponsors (A huge thanks to Blue Nose Marathon and Recharge With Milk).

We then headed off to a nutrition session with Coleen Nolan from Inner Peas Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling. It was awesome! She brought some healthy recipes and snacks for us to sample (including the homemade energy balls shown below), and tonnes of relevant and useful nutrition information.

If you’d like to try the energy balls yourself, you can find the recipe here: Yum!


Run # 2 – Citadel Hill

The following Tuesday was our first scheduled run at Citadel Hill. The plan was run up the hill as fast as you can for 30 seconds, walk back down, and do it all over again 12 times. I was in Cape Breton on a work trip so had to miss the team run. Instead, I headed over to Citadel Hill two days later (Thursday morning) with my husband. Because I had missed the group run, I missed one little piece of information – you get to rest a few seconds once you get back to the bottom before heading back up again. So up and down I went, non-stop for just shy of 20 minutes. I may have overdone it a bit (I gave myself a headache, ouch!), but I was happy to have made it through and be on track with the team.


The best part? When I shared my run with the team, instead of being upset with me for missing the regular time, they were incredibly supportive and even proud of me for making up the run on my own time. It is hard to describe how motivating and meaningful it is doing this as a team. Even though we are just starting out, and we are all at different points in our fitness journey, everyone is already so supportive of one another – It’s pretty incredible.

So that sums up my first week of running with Team Myles. It was so hard! But I made it through. I’m still super slow and I am still struggling with negative self-talk, but I am working at it and things can only improve from here.

I run

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