The sun is shining and we’re running …. 10 KM

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Amazing experience at the Running Room today. Cannot wait to try out my new Brooks sneakers #TeamMyles #RunningRoom

Amazing experience at the Running Room today. Cannot wait to try out my new Brooks sneakers #TeamMyles #RunningRoom

Citadel Hill March 24 1452588_10155336163415626_389819155171946576_n  P3171907

just-run-motivational-quotes delta The Square Grid FIT-360-logo-blk-bkgrd1 RunningRoom-Small1-300x771 InnerPeas MILK-ENERGY_RECHARGE_RGB1After a week of bad runs, last week I had two great runs. Last Tuesday we ran #CitadelHill for 20 minutes, no stopping, up and down, and repeat. The weather was horrible, cold and rainy, and I was not looking forward to the run at all. However, #TeamMyles is about running together, and I was not about to back out because the weather was bad. And #TeamMyles did great – we ran for 20 minutes, up and down, up and down, and didn’t stop. This was a BIG deal. And I was very proud of our team. Myles showed up and wind sprinted up the hill, high-fiving each of us as he passed us.

Last Saturday, we kicked off #ShoeMountain with our newest Sponsor #MicMacMall, and donated gently used sneakers and new sports socks that will be distributed to the shelters in Halifax. We had our new #Brooks sneakers, our #TeamMyles shirts, and we were sporting blue noses. We started our run in the mall, running through the halls, and out towards Shubie Park. Believe it or not, the majority of #TeamMyles ran between 8 – 9 km. My group ran about 8Km … 8Km …. I’m still kind of in shock. We did it. It was great to have a week of good runs after the previous week.

Tonight, we’re not running hills. Instead, we’re running the race route – tonight, all of the work we’ve done over the last 10 weeks, will come to fruition. We’ll get a sense of how long it will take each of us to complete the race, and prove to ourselves WE CAN DO IT.

Being a part of #TeamMyles has been an honour. Being along side such dedicated teammates, who strive for their own personal best while encouraging and motivating others has been a privilege. We started as mostly strangers, and have come together as a team to reach a collective goal of running 10 km. We will cross the finish line on Sunday, May 16 as friends. Friends who are committed to motivating and inspiring people to challenge themselves, and achieve their fitness goals.

There have been struggles, aches, pains, challenges and some tough times, but through it all, we’ve accomplished exactly what we set out to do. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to reach this goal of running 10km, but my team mates never doubted it, and neither did our coach, Devin. For each of them, I’m truly grateful, this has been an incredible experience.


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