#TeamMyles changes lives again



This Picture is from the Team’s last run before #BlueNose2015, and we all #giver our best. I loved being a mentor this year, it was less about pushing myself to my limits but helping people find theirs. On our route run last Tuesday, after I finished the 10K route I went back and encouraged 2 others back. The accomplishment they all feel means more to me then a “time” on a run that will never be remembered by anyone but me. People this year again the never would have considered themselves runners are trying to find a way to keep running and signing up for more races afterwards to keep their training going. Last year my life was completely changed by the team myles training the mentors that I stand proudly beside this and Devin and his #360fit.

Then again this year watching the power and amazing feeling you get by helping people discover they can run is even better. For me helping to motivate people has really motivated me :) I can not believe that the training is nearly at a close for 2015, when we cross our finish lines but hopefully we keep in touch. Alright everyone, rest up almost time to #Giver with all that you have.

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