#TeamMyles started as a group of people…..



The one this that truly has amazed me again about Team Myles id how, such a random group of people from every walk of life is put together. Then for 11 weeks they train, and by this point (with only 3 weeks left) we have all made new friends. We started in the extreme cold temperatures and running in and on snow and ice, but the training is really starting to pay off. Everyone is starting to go faster and further distances, and showing them self how they are getting closer to be more ready on a weekly basis. This years team again is full of heart and passion, and if they miss a practice they are making if up to keep the training going. Three weeks will be here before we know it, and we  will be ready.

I actually had a small knee injury early in the week, it made me nervous enough to stop and rest. It was very hard for me to do, I wanted to continue working out at #360fit but knew if I hurt my knee further that the race could be in jeopardy. Well at the end of the week I think I am ready for tomorrow’s challenge of the long run :) and some pictures and fun along the way.

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