No, the end is near.

Well, let me start off by saying that I believe Spring has finally sprung. The hill this week was a bit harder than last week because the time frame was increased, but it was a lot warmer! Yoga was really awesome and calming this week too especially after a long week and a very tiring hill night! The training so far is really helpful and I have enjoyed them! The encouragement from everyone on the team is awesome and it helps you to feel good about running! Saturday was really fun and tiring because we all managed to run further than we normally would. On average, we were doing about 6K, which was an amazing accomplishment. Also, on Saturday we went to a nutrition session with Colleen and it was a nice way to recover after the run as we got to sample amazing smoothies and a salad. Thanks for the session! I am really sad that the end is near though, as I will miss everyone who made Team Myles possible: Devin, the mentors, our sponsors, Bluenose staff, and of course my fellow members!

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