Just Runnin’ in the Rain…

Photo of: Running in the Rain_April 4

I’ve been involved with #TeamMyles for three years and I have to say this year’s weather has definitely been the most challenging by far. Notice I said challenging and not numerous other words I have been thinking (trying to stay positive with all this freakin’ snow!!!!) – because we run/exercise no matter what the weather – and if we absolutely can’t run, we head to 360 Fit for a Boot Camp or Zumba class.

We haven’t even run in Point Pleasant once yet! To be truthful I HATE that hill in Point Pleasant (and I always seem to be on a run not a walk when we get to the base)…but I really love to run through the park, by the ocean, seeing the friendly runners, walkers and dogs in the park and of course the peaceful sound of your feet hitting the gravel and being surrounded by trees (and squirrels!).

This past Saturday we ran along the Waterfront. It was about +3 and WET…but as you can see, we had fun and were all smiles at the end! Hopefully we’ll be able to run through the park some time soon!

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