Join me in my cranky corner

So, I’ll admit it, I’m not cranky very often but when I get cranky I’m no fun. On Tuesday, I was cranky. I was sore and I really just didn’t want to do hills. At all. Now, I don’t take my crankiness out on others but I was a bundle of cranky and definitely wasn’t my perky, bouncy self.

That being said, I knew I wasn’t going to bail on hills. I gathered myself up, grabbed my new Recharge with Milk buff (OMG it’s SO cute and versatile!!) and headed to the hill. Getting out of my car, I fell in a snow bank. Completely wiped out. Cut my hand, cut my leg, bruised my knee – and it make me crankier. After I hauled myself out of the snow bank, and wiped off my leg and hand, I headed to the hill. Immediately I warned people – I’m cranky – but Devin was having NONE of it. “Can’t be cranky here! Look at the hill – aren’t you PUMPED?!” He said to us with a grin. After a little warm-up, and a “Let’s go!” we headed up and down the hill.

As I ran, I noticed something, I was less cranky. The more I pushed, the less cranky I became. So I ran, sometimes walked, sometimes just pushed REALLY hard to try and make my legs run, and it happened – all of a sudden I was less cranky. All of a sudden I was running with different people and cheering others on. One of the good things about being a slow-poke, is that you run with some people and then when they pass you, you find new people to run with. I basically cycled through the group and got to chat with the majority of the team. And, all of a sudden, I realized we’d been going for 10 minutes and I couldn’t remember why I was cranky to begin with! So we pushed, we pushed HARD, and did 30-seconds on, 30-seconds off, sprints for 18 minutes.

And by the end of the run, I was my usually perky, grinning, foolish self.

So much for my cranky corner!

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One Response to “Join me in my cranky corner”

  1. Kat McTaggart
    Kat McTaggartApril 2, 2015 at 7:08 pm #

    Paige I can totally relate! As much as I look forward to Tuesday Hills, if I am tired or if it is colder than I would like it to be, I get angry. I get cranky about going there and being cold. I have a condition where my fingers and toes get very cold very fast and I am too dumb to plan better and wear warmer gloves etc! Silly me. My before and after pics are quite different. The after run feeling is always…always much better than the pre-run! Keep up the great work! :-)

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