I’m proud of myself

I’m proud of myself….when was the last time you said that to yourself. I know for me it hasn’t happened too many times in my life. I’m very hard on myself and sometimes do not take the time to celebrate things I do that are above and beyond the norm.

Well lately I been thinking it so I’m going to say it. I’m proud of myself!!! I’m proud that I’ve been lacing up my sneakers twice a week to run with my amazing team, I’m proud that I’ve been running on my own and sticking to the time limits I give myself (no cheating),  I’m proud that I had a baby 6 months ago and even though some nights are sleepless and some days are long I still get out to run, I’m proud that in a world that revolves around babies, toddlers and my household I have found something that is totally  for me and I’m proud to be affiliated with a so many great companies and to be running in The Blue Nose Marathon.

I think we should say this to ourselves more often and take the time to pat ourselves on the back :)

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  1. KarenApril 17, 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    Good for you!!! I don’t know how you new mommas do it. Very motivating. :) Good luck at the Bluenose!

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