I Found My Pace


This Saturday I finally found the right pace for myself. I had been pushing the pace too hard on my runs, I was making good times but it took a toll on my body. I was very tired after each run and I would park myself on the couch for the rest of the day.


Saturday I ran with Christine White and we kept a nice steady pace. We ended up doing 6.4K in 45 minutes. I kicked up my speed a notch for the last 7 minutes and finished strong. I felt much better after my run, usually I am in lots of pain and extremely fatigued after my runs. Because I didn’t push it I had energy for a few long walks Saturday and Sunday. Each week I have been kicking it up with the kilometers. I have changed my work schedule so I am unable to make it to the Hill on Tuesday nights, Im now getting in a run almost every morning before work with my dogs, and then a long walk or run after work.


Saturday was great, Coleen Nolan put on a wonderful nutritional info session. I got lots of great recipes and diet tips. Coleen made us a delicious fruit smoothie, a quinoa salad, and some amazing no bake energy spheres. The energy spheres were my favorite, Although everything was amazing! I ended up making a dozen spheres today for the up coming work week. They are very easy, convenient, and much healthier than the snack bars I usually eat. Coleen was so knowledgeable, I`m much more confident now going into the last four weeks of my training. I felt my biggest weakness was my diet and Coleen taught us lots of convenient, healthy, snack, and meal ideas.


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Happy Running!!

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