Yoga, Running and Renunciation – Why I’m Running

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I hope you enjoy this recent post to my blog at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio. See you at yoga! From the TAYS Blog:

Recently I signed up to run 5 km as part of the upcoming Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon. I was thinking as I signed up that it has been about 15 or 20 years since I ran 5 km. So I was “not a runner”, or it had not been part of my lifestyle, until a couple of years ago.

About three and a half years ago I had my routine bloodwork done and for the first time in this lifetime, I had high cholesterol! This was shocking to me as I am a meditation and yoga practitioner and go for regular walks and hikes and bike in the summer. I assumed this kind of thing was not going to show up. So at first I ignored it. Then six months later, again, it was up. Then a year later, still up! Since my mother died suddenly in 2007 from cardiac illness, so I knew when it was not going away on its own I had to pay attention and make a change.

As a yogi I also had a need to look at this from a philosophical perspective. I found the inspiration I needed to address the issue with the concept of renunciation. This is something that gets talked a lot about in spiritual traditions and yoga stories and there are lots of different ideas about it. Sometimes people picture yogis running away from society to live in an isolated cave to follow their path to inner freedom.

I was not thinking of anything like that although the basic pattern could be the same in that you are looking at something you are not satisfied with, and therefor, try to make a change. I decided to get some support and saw a Naturopathic Doctor, and started doing cardiovascular training.

First time around the indoor track I think I made it 200 meters before I got a stitch and had to alternate walking and running. But I persisted and within a year of getting up to 40 min of cardio and making some diet changes I had lowered my cholesterol to optimal levels without the use of medications. This was all supervised by my family doctor.

So now instead of being someone who thinks he is impervious to health problems because of yoga and meditation practice, I also rouse my sense of renunciation towards being passive about my cardiovascular health … and put on my running shoes!

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