Two training sessions down so far.

Wow, how time is going by so fast!!

Opening night: I was really nervous to be there that I even went to the wrong hotel at first. However, once I arrived I was greeted by open arms. It was an amazing opening night at the @Delta Halifax! I got to meet new people, have an amazing meal, meet some of the sponsors, and heard speeches from the mentors about their experience of being on Team Myles last year. It was a really fun night and I am thankful for everyone who made it possible! Also, this was the night I found out that I was the youngest person on the team, and that our first training session was going to be up citadel hill.

1st training session: The day of our first training came and I was  nervous because it has been quite a while since I last ran, and this time we would be running up CITADEL HILL. Well, I eventually got over my nervousness while I was walking to the hill, and I believed in myself that I could do it! After the 10 or 11 time running, I was not feeling well as I got a side stitch but I learnt that eating bananas can help with that. Despite not feeling well, I still felt proud of not only myself for making it through our first training session but proud of my fellow team members.

2nd training session: This time I was not as nervous as before because I kept reminding myself that nothing can be more intense than running up Citadel Hill. It turned out that this training session at Point Pleasant left me feeling a lot better than the first session we had. This could be because I ate a lot more bananas which resulted in the side stitches going away.

My favourite part of this first week was our cheer and the positive encouragement that everyone gives each other. I am grateful towards all the sponsors who have helped us/will help us in the future!

Well I gotta run!

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