So … I bought a treadmill

Which I know is different than running outside but it’s a big step and can’t hurt!

For anyone who knows me that’s pretty huge. Despite working in a gym doing membership sales and customer service for almost ten years I have never been one to exercise or maintain my personal fitness. I actually hate sweating, which is probably why when I was fit it was as a competitive swimmer.

This experience is already changing me. Moving more is feeling awesome. There are aches and pains I continue to work through but I haven’t used them as an excuse to give up.  I felt the best I have since I started after Saturday’s run.  Must be the awesome new Brooks!

I haven’t made the leap into classes at 360 Fit yet but that’s happening this week too! I’m more of a cautious wade into the experience rather than jumping with both feet. Someone recently pointed out that we’re seven weeks from race day … It’s time to make sure I’m not missing out on any opportunity that being a Team Myles member has afforded me.



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