Ready, set… Go!

Well it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks!
#TeamMyles is now rounding out our second week of training for the #BlueNose2015 and I think everyone is starting to feel really good about it.
At least I know I am!

Here’s the ‘run’down so far (see what I did there?) …

Launch Dinner

It was so fantastic to meet up at the Delta Barrington #Deltas_in_Hfx to meet the team, mentors, coaches, organizers, and sponsors. I was super inspired by the speeches and slideshow, we got some fancy new Blue Nose Marathon hats AND we got to eat some amazing food prepared by Chef Jean Francois Delamarre! Spoiled? I think so!

Chef Jean Francois Delamarre making our salad.

Chef Jean Francois Delamarre making our salad.

I was on a pretty big high when I left the dinner… then I walked to my car, which was a few blocks over and up hill… that’s when I realized pretty quickly that my work was cut out for me. I was winded and my calves were pretty tight!

What I learned: That this is an amazing, generous community to be part of and that I am very honoured to have been chosen to be part of this incredible program.

Tuesday Night Run

Also affectionately referred to as #HellHills by the TeamMyles alum… not intimidating at all…

the hill night 1

In fairness, the name is totally deserved. It was hard.

Hills: Night 1

The first night out it was about a million degrees below, and apparently I was a little dehydrated… because I died. You guys, it was hard!
I tried to #givr right away and my calves got all crampy, then I felt nauseous and light headed… after three trips up!!! To say I struggled is a huge understatement.
But the beauty of training with a team is that everyone was super supportive and Devin Sherrington, our phenomenal coach from #360fitgym was awesome. He gave me some pointers on how to prevent calf cramps – apparently eating bananas can help prevent it! (I’m now a banana eating machine!) and was super supportive. Although he did yell at me for saying I was a wiener – but in the most supportive “no negative self talk” kind of way.

What I learned: I need to drink more water, eat more bananas, and learn how to pace myself.

Hills: Night 2

The second night out was WAY better than the first! (And really, it couldn’t have gotten any worse… the first night was BAD!)
It helped a lot that it was much warmer out, and sunny! (Time change ya’ll!) And that I took the lesson from hills night 1 and paced myself.
I think that everyone felt a lot better the second time doing hills… don’t get me wrong… it was still hard and very challengeing but I didn’t feel like I was going to die. Small victories.
I managed to do the whole thing without stopping, and every time I felt like I might like to, I told myself (over and over) “This is what you came here for!”

What I learned: This is something I can actually do! Having a mantra helps. You can still #givr and push yourself without totally killing yourself.

Check back here on Monday to hear all about Saturday morning runs, and my awesome experience with Life Mark Centric Health, TAYS Yoga, and 360 Fit Gym.

What has your running journey taught you, and do you have a mantra that you use? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to follow our team progress on twitter @BNMarathon and #TeamMyles, and feel free to follow me while you’re at it @pattisamp

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4 Responses to “Ready, set… Go!”

  1. Lisa Olie
    Lisa OlieMarch 13, 2015 at 8:10 pm #

    Fantastic post Patti. You’ve got this and will be awesome. Onwards and upwards on those Hills!

    • Patti Sampson
      Patti SampsonMarch 14, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

      Thanks Lisa! I appreciate the kind words, and what a perfect example of the supportive #TeamMyles community I was talking about! :)

  2. Swanzette Mensah
    Swanzette MensahMarch 15, 2015 at 11:21 am #

    Awesome post Patti!!! We ‘re gonna rock this race!!

    • Patti Sampson
      Patti SampsonMarch 15, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

      YEAH we are Swanzette!!! Not even a snowstorm can stop us, and at this rate we might still be getting them in May! haha

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