OMG…shoes! (And a hell hills update)

Today, Christine and I grabbed some of our Team Myles members and headed over to the Halifax Running Room to get sized for our new Brooks sneakers. Brooks (you’re amazing, guys!) has generously offered to sponsor Team Myles’ footwear this year, so we’re all going to be rocking out some seriously awesome shoes very soon!

I popped in first, to get sized and see what I could get for sneakers. Now, I LOVE bright colours but I’ve never had bright coloured shoes because I have massive feet (10 wide…eek!) but Bruce at the Running Room, and Paul at Life Mark, told me that wasn’t a problem – Brooks has TONS of beautiful shoes in awesome colours that will work for my rather large feet. I didn’t believe them, until Bruce pulled out three pairs of amazingly pretty Brooks shoes for me to try.

They're so pretty!!

They’re so pretty!!

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?! I LOVE THEM! And, they’re women’s shoes! I’ve bought men’s shoes for years because I needed the width but Brooks and the Running Room had what I needed – AMAZING!

After I got sized it was time for the rest of the team to get in on it. Leanne found some fabulous kicks

Lookit those orange laces!

Lookit those orange laces!

Rhys tried on a few pairs and was trying to decide between what we dubbed the Superman and Spiderman shoes (see the blue vs red?!)

He went with Spiderman...good choice!

He went with Spiderman…good choice!

And Abby rocked out with tons of colours – while we all wandered around the store looking for other running goodies we could get our hands on.

Sleek lookin' Brooks!

Sleek lookin’ Brooks!

Some of us also grabbed other gear..


Christine showing off her new socks that Bruce helped pick…LOVE THE COLOUR!

Christine showing off her new socks that Bruce helped pick…LOVE THE COLOUR!

And then, of course, we had to do the appropriate Team Myles photo.

Nice shoes and signs from Brooks and the Running Room!

Nice shoes and signs from Brooks and the Running Room!

After that we were supposed to head to hills but…I warned you that we were having an awful winter – and it continues! We had to cancel hills and do other workouts because there was no on-street parking. Now, I’m never one to complain about missing hills (remember how much I HATE hills?!) but it sucked that we couldn’t get together as a team and workout. I hit up my local gym, and I know a numbers of folks headed to 360Fit and TAYS Yoga but I hope we’ll all be able to overcome the snow and workout together on Saturday.

Here’s hoping spring will be here soon!!

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