Feeling Inspired

So far the last two weeks have made me feel very inspired. I was so happy to be selected to be part of this team and a part of something that I can focus on and learn. Despite being very active with other fitness activities, I have really missed running.  And to be part of a proper program where you are with people all focused on their own goals but being supportive of each other, is such a great feeling.   I feel like I have learned so much already just from the gradual running we have done to the group discussions about eating etc.

That first night of hills was very humbling for me. I found it very tough (and very cold) and was a bit worried at first but I did it! Having people there all going through the same thing was very inspiring and really pushed me to finish.  My first run with the group was yesterday and I felt soooo good.  The best part was being able to go at my own pace and not feel like I was competing with others.

Everything in this group is so exciting – I feel like everyday I am getting a new surprise – first my foot analysis at Centric Health, then getting new runners from #Brooks Running, then the group yoga at Therapeutic Approach Yoga, a group fitting next week at the Running Room, new recipes, nutrition advice and the list goes on….

And finally, Coach Devin (who is so well-respected by the community) has been great and is very motivating and I am looking forward to trying a session at 360fit and having him guide the group through this program. I am feeling very lucky and very inspired…………….


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