Dancin’ machines

So, did you notice all the snow we got this week? There’s just a bit out there! And all that snow makes it REALLY hard to run outside. So, this weekend Devin gave us a break from running and we headed to 360Fit for classes instead.

There was a Boot Camp at 8 a.m., Total Body at 9 a.m., and Zumba at 9:15 a.m. I headed over for 9, but realized that Total Body was PACKED (SO many Team Myles members and regular attendees!) so I passed on that and headed to Zumba with some of the other ladies.

Ready to shake it!

Ready to shake it!

I’m SO glad I did! Guys – I’ve only done Zumba once or twice, and it was fun, but this…this was a BLAST! There were three other folks in the class (the regulars!) and the five of us joined in. Trinity, the instructor, was AMAZING! She’s hilarious, picked amazing music, and made it REALLY fun. We did a lot of laughing and a lot of sweating. It was the perfect workout – great music, great people, lots of laughs and I was sore the next day! We’re heading back over on Wednesday for another class and I can’t wait. Zumba just might be my new thing!

We stayed after to take a photo with our DELICIOUS chocolate milk!

We stayed after to take a photo with our DELICIOUS chocolate milk!

After class, about half of the team headed to the Running Room with Tina and Tanya to get NEW Brooks sneakers (Thank you Running Room and Brooks!) and the other half are heading over on Tuesday with Christine and I. I’m SO excited for new sneakers. The pair I have now are amazing (thanks Paul, at Centric Health Life Mark, for the recommendation!) but I need a new pair. They’re starting to wear out on me. So, to recap – snow sucks, new shoes are awesome, and I think Zumba is my new calling!

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  1. Christine White
    Christine WhiteMarch 25, 2015 at 7:03 pm #

    YAY ZUMBA!!! I really enjoyed that class with Trinity – and the chocolate milk!

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