After the Dust Settles…

Now that the dust has settled, I have to agree with the rest of my Team Myles members…what a great weekend…and what a great experience…

In addition to participating in the run, I was able to volunteer on Friday and Saturday with the Youth Run kit pick and that was truly a wonderful experience.

Two days before the 5 km, I had an appointment with a specialist to try and determine why I was so short of breath and winded when attempting to run. After looking at some recent test results, she informed me that my hemoglobin was quite low and it was no wonder I couldn’t catch my breath. Deborah had been working with me regularly teaching me proper ways to breathe and proper posture and stride but I still wasn’t getting it. Now I understood why. And with that in mind, I tried to have a different outlook on the whole event.

I did the 5 km on Saturday afternoon with Deborah, my mentor. We walked briskly throughout the race running downhill towards the end. After taking a short breathing break, we ran to the finish line with my family waiting and I was greeted by Paige with a big hug and my medal. Deborah also had her partner, Marshall taking pictures of us along the last of the race and a big sign cheering us on.Deborah and I running in

After all the excitement of my own race, I returned the next morning to cheer on my team mates in the 10 km. Thanks to Delta hotels for providing us a room before and after the race to get ready. Even though I got separated from them as they went to the start line, I was at the finish snapping pictures as they crossed the finish. The smiles, sweat and hugs were amazing. The post-race celebration at Tempo was a great time especially when we watched Myles and his handlers bouncing down Duke Street to meet us.

Getting involved with Team Myles was a blessing with many positive spinoff including a desire to return next year again as a volunteer and also the start of a running club at our school which we hope to continue again next year.

Thank you @BNMarathon @360fit for making it happen. Thanks Deborah and Paige for the motivation.Deborah Paige Wendy

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