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My Team Myles 2014 experience has been invaluable. What started out as a contest entry with a goal to add some running to my walking of the Blue Nose 5 km led me to meeting some wonderful people and learning very valuable life lessons. I learned that many years of improper breathing and posture take time to correct. Thanks to the mentorship program, I worked with some great people who taught with patience and understanding. I got to experience team spirit and enthusiasm. I learned about commitment to a training schedule and learned to conquer my fears of running up Citadel Hill on Tuesday nights. I have completed two test runs of the 5 km course in the past week and am excited to participate in my 4th Blue Nose weekend.

I added @AdultEssentails vitamins to my daily morning routine that I am sure helped me along the way with my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to take my multi vitamin, Vitamin D and B12 each day with the rest of my medications.

We also got to Recharge with Milk (chocolate milk to be exact) on our runs and @360fit (the gym). That’s truly refreshing after a good workout.

I was fortunate to have a proper foot assessment done and learn about orthotics and how they could help me with my walking/running. After that, I was properly fitted with New Balance shoes. These things came as a result of joining Team Myles.

And of course, there is the Delta Halifax where it all began on Launch Night where I met Myles himself and all the other team members where we were treated to a delicious healthy dinner prepared by the hotel chef, inspirational messages and a great view of the cityscape.

Having the opportunity to try yoga at a local Breathing Space Yoga Studio is truly an added bonus. I have enjoyed my Monday night class in Windsor with instructor Janet Budden. I get to stretch part of my body that I didn’t know existed The techniques that she teaches carry over to my walking/running program.

As a result of joining Team Myles, I initiated the introduction of a running club at our local school (where I work) where one third of our student body participated. We recently took a team from our school and the neighbouring school by bus to a Doctors Nova Scotia Fun Run in the Annapolis Valley. We are also attending the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run during Blue Nose weekend.

The benefits are endless, but most of all, it’s the lifelong continued commitment to fitness and the friendships formed that I will remember.

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