Working through the pain!

So last Saturday was the worst my knee has been all training period. I wasn’t even recovered by hills time, I’m pretty sad about that. I did go and cheer on the team though, they’re working really hard! I had a physio appointment and here is what I’m up to now.

Rolling before every run, this helps to relax my IT band and prevent friction on my knee.

I have terrible hamstrings. I have a new exercise that will increase their length and work my core.

Squats, inner quad and hip strength are important.

So I’m working on these things folks. I have new shoes now which will better support my feet. Hopefully I can get this under control before race weekend, I have lots of dancing to do and I can’t have a sore knee!

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  1. George LukeApril 29, 2014 at 6:14 am #

    Hope the new set of exercise helps you to get better. Good Luck

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