Success comes step by step…literally

Today (Monday) started out on a down note. I woke up not feeling well. I made it through work and after school our new running club at school met for the second time. I wasn’t there on Friday but decided to slip away from my office for a few minutes to take a picture. I had forgotten my running shoes and since you know how good I am at excuses, said, “Oh, I’ll come prepared on Wednesday.” As I entered the gym I saw about 40 kids and staff members walking/running around the gym. They were doing the C25K program of walking and running in time intervals.  Some parents were sitting watching and I jokingly told them if they wanted to be in the gym, they might as well walk/run with them. Next thing I knew I was out there right along with them. Since I didn’t have my running shoes, I decided to try in my sock feet since I had be reading recently that it could be easier to get your foot into running stride mode and hit with the middle or front of your foot without shoes on. I didn’t notice much except that I definitely landed on my heel a lot of the time.

After making a nice pot of asparagus and broccoli soup (GREEN GREEN GREEN   @MMHealthCoach), I went up for my treadmill workout since the weather outside was frightful. I wore my sock feet instead of my running shoes just to see how it felt to run and hit the front or ball of my foot. I knew almost right away if I didn’t hit the front of my foot, the force on my heel would be noticed. And it was.  Thanks to Deborah for helping me with proper running stride form. It worked…On my C25K workout tonight I was feeling good so decided to try and run through without walking after the warm up and first walk. In my 30 minutes on the treadmill, I ran for 23 minutes straight. Considering when I started at Point Pleasant just a few short weeks ago I couldn’t do the two minutes run followed by 1 minute walk. I still remember Devin @360fit and @_JasonDavis telling me I will look back at these moments in amazement. And I forgot to mention in my last blog, a special thanks to Colin a few weeks ago for hanging back with me and encouraging me all along the way, telling me to focus on a light pole or a park bench. It was hard work for the oldie in the group, but it IS working.

Now to put the treadmill accomplishment into action out on the open road…

@BNMarathon, here we come #teamMyles2014

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  1. Shawn Woodford
    Shawn WoodfordApril 1, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Running 23 minutes straight is incredible Wendy. Be proud. The finish line is not far away.

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