My thank you’s…

Perhaps I’m a little early but there’s no time like the present…

I know we still have 33 days until #BlueNose2014 and 9 days of training left with #TeamMyles (not including any extra #360fit classes we may take in) but I feel a certain number of thank you’s are due. In no particular order;

I would like to thank Robert, my husband, for being by my side and supporting me through this journey. He never complains that I’m too busy or not available to do things because I have a run or fitness class to go to. In fact, he encourages and motivates me every step of the way

I would also like to thank my ex-husband, Mike, for being flexible with kids’-schedules and allowing me the time to run and work out and my kids for putting up with Mom always on the go and seldom being home. I know I’m teaching you to be more active and live a healthier life but Jessica and Joshua, I promise I will cuddle with you both galore after May 18th!!

Thank you to the #SBNM organizers for putting together #TeamMyles. We have such a wonderful group of people from all walks of life. I’ve said it before but each member of our team motivates me in their own way and I appreciate each and every one on of my team mates.

Thank you to Devin Sherrington with #360fit for being our coach and always motivating us and being so inspirational. You make people want to work harder and do more than they think they can just by being you. You are awesome!!

Thank you to 360fit for opening your doors to us and letting us bombard your spin classes with a sea of green t-shirts. Your classes are hard and painful and wickedly awesome!! My first class was so painful but I’m adapting and can manage most now without too much pain afterwards.

Thank you to #AerobicsFirst for properly fitting us with sneakers (I love my new New Balance Sneakers!!) and providing us with discounts for sneakers and sports bras…. The extra support is appreciated 

Thank you to Centric – LifeMARK (#LMCentricATL)for assessing our feet and form and making sure we are all in good physical health to run and advising us on footwear. It’s comforting knowing that we are on the right path.

Thank you to Adult Essentials for the Gummie Vitamins. They are so tasty it’s really hard to limit yourself to the recommended dosage. I’ve even added the Omega 3 Gummie Vitamins to my collection.

Thank you to #RechargeWithMilk for providing chocolate milk throughout our training and the awesome sweatshirts and swag bag. I wear my sweatshirt everywhere and LOVE the water bottle… although it’s been said that I have a bit of a “water bottle problem”. I find I crave chocolate milk now after my runs and workouts. I never realized just how great it is for you!!

Thank you to #iRun who is following Team Myles and running ads with our team in the forefront. I’ve even subscribed to the magazine so I can keep in touch.

Thank you to #DeltaHalifax for not only has been a wonderful employer to me for almost 27 years but also for being a sponsor of the #SBNM for many years and showing the staff that
organizations like this are important for our health as well as for our wellbeing.

Thank you to Michelle MacLean Holistic Coaching for providing nutritional information and support during our journey.

Everyone listed above have supported me and Team Myles directly on one way or another. There are a number of other supporters behind the scenes that I’m sure deserve our thanks as well but I have to stop somewhere. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate everyone, it’s just that there are too many to thank everyone. Without all of you we wouldn’t be Team Myles and about to acommplish something many of us would never have done on our own.

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