Kettle what?

It was pretty gross last night. So, once again, we cancelled hills and Devin encouraged us to head to a class at #360Fit. I really didn’t want to do to spin again (my butt was so sore! Those bikes are brutal!) so I decided I’d try kettlebell class. The first thing I had to do, though, was Google what a kettlebell was.

This, my friends, is a kettlebell.

This, my friends, is a kettlebell.

So, now that I knew what a kettlebell was, I was set! I headed off to #360Fit for the 5:15 p.m. class. I arrived early and was SO EXCITED to get my #TeamMyles shirt from Devin, along with a whole whackload of #RechargeWithMilk goodies – there’s a waterbottle, hoodie, towels, rockin’ sweatbands, an ice/heat pack (foreshadowing?) and some other goodies. It was AWESOME! Thanks #RechargeWithMilk for the goodies and #360Fit for the AWESOME Team Myles shirts!

When I was in the change room, I met Barbara who was also doing kettlebell class for the first time. It was nice to not be the only newbie in the class. Although, once we got in there and met the trainer, Naomi, I didn’t really feel intimidated by it anymore. AND there was only four people in the class – two who had done it before, and Barbara and I who hadn’t – so it was a small, personal class. Naomi asked us each about any old injuries and we did a good warm-up. After that she set the guys who had done it before up with some weights and explained they’d be doing two-handed swings, then moved on to help us get the swing of things. (HA!) It was great – Naomi made sure we had good form and pushed us to work hard but didn’t push too  hard – she wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing. After two-handed swings, we did one-handed, and a few others, then stations. They were hard, but the class was SO much fun and we were all cheering each other on throughout the whole thing – even Naomi was cheering us on. She kept going “Just five more! You’re almost done! You can do it!”. It truly was my favourite class I’ve ever attended – she was a fantastic instructor and everyone in the class was supportive and fun.

Once I was finished I snuck into the spin class to grab some photos of other Team Myles members workin’ it and we all posed for a Team Myles photo.


Carol sticking out her tongue at me

Christine rocking her #RechargeWithMilk sweatband

Christine rocking her #RechargeWithMilk sweatband


Team Myles - complete with our own photo-bomber!

Team Myles – complete with our own photo-bomber!

After my class, Devin asked me if “I felt like Superman?” and I didn’t really answer. But today, after looking at everything that I did and how far I’ve gone I’d have a different answer – “Hell yeah!”

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