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My left side/shoulder neuralgia pain  (  the stuff that lingers after you have shingles)  flares up during the 6 minute dash up the Hill on Tuesday’s training night.  I’ve recently learned that it gets triggered by certain movement – who knew that running affected the upper body :-) ? As a result, my dash, well, didn’t have its usual mojo. I knew I did the best I could at the time, but I just feel there could have been more.

But what surprised me what how truly unsatisfied I was with how I did.  Even trickled in to the next morning. Not in comparison to anyone else, but  in comparison to what I feel I could have done, based on my previous runs.

Although still not feeling so hot, off to the gym I went on Wednesday night. My personal trainer Jane and I reviewed the eating plan in great detail – I do need some fine tuning once in a while after all !.  And we did a lighter than usual workout. But after all is said and done, this night I am pleased.

So why the difference.  Really not sure.   Maybe thinking I had to hit every single mark every single time?   But I realize, that’s not the goal or realistic.  Even the best of the best will hit some bumps and injuries along the way. Its about the recovery. Its about staying focused and  keeping on going.

To quote my Mother “the big things we can handle, its the little things that drive us crazy”.

So, I will head out again Saturday morning with my team, ready to roll. Maybe a even bit better prepared, mentally and physically. Of course, happy to see my mates.

Go Team Myles!














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