Different Directions


My brain is going one direction and my body is going the other direction. So, how do I get them to meet in the middle?

Less than eighteen months ago, I had been pretending to workout out the gym – meaning I would go, get on the treadmill and then be afraid to sweat.  This is only after I had run out of every random possible excuse I could use to even get to the gym in the first place.

Now, as we climb the sneaky hills of Point Pleasant Park,  my competitive brain is saying, go, go — go faster, you can do this…my legs, lungs and energy level are saying, whoah, wait a minute, we are not there just yet, remember this is new and there is some other stuff going on here, pace yourself.

Talk about a reversal. To top it off, when something comes up and I can`t go for a run or to the gym – I`m lost.

The fact that I am now in this space and not in the space where I used to be never gets old. I`ll go with the brain on this one.  The body will just have to catch up.











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One Response to “Different Directions”

  1. Christine White
    ChristineMarch 19, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    hmmm – love the “sneaky hills” description…that is EXACTLY what they are!

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