Social Media, Who Me?

Well, who would have guessed that after getting off the sofa to learn to run with #TeamMyles in 2010, I’d be into my fourth year of involvement with the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon.

#TeamMyles2013 is a great team this year; a good mix of experience and newbies, fit and ready-to-be-fit, and a few recovering from past poor-running habits that created injuries.  And they are keen!  Ready to help them on their journey is a group of amazing individuals, in themselves a team, working as coaches, mentors and coordinators – all volunteers!

Come on down to the Commons on Tuesday evenings and PPP on Saturday mornings, and cheer them all on.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @BNMarathon (say hi, that’s me tweeting!) and find us on Facebook.  And watch #TeamMyles blog as they journey towards #BlueNose2013  Bookmark and we’ll keep you up to date.

Happy training,


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